Ephemera: 1945/46 Local Xmas Cards

A couple months ago I found a box in our attic full of wartime correspondence mostly between Mr. Reuben Sherman and his wife Jeanne. Jeanne seems to have been the one collecting it. She was a Navy WAVES officer and he was a repairman at Pacific-theater Navy bases, from what I've gleaned. They were the owners of our shop building through the early '80s -- hence my interest!

To cut to the chase: I wanted to share some neat Xmas cards of theirs as it's that time of year and so many of these are preserved so well. I'll get around to sharing other letters at some point, though. There's some juicy stuff in there.

I'm pretty sure Jeanne is on the right in the above photo.

A penguin photo cover...

...yields a shot of Jeanne in her "winter" uniform.

Vivian seems to have been a Navy WAVES friend. They'd spent some time in Hawaii together.

This enormous, 8x10"+ card was sent by Reuben to Jeanne while she was back East and he was out West.