Ephemera: Dressed for Success

The above shot shows not only a '30s National Style 0 resonator guitar, but also a pair of Gibson tenor banjos (I think). The white duds and mix of instruments (check out the percussion section) sort-of makes me think this might've been one of the popular Puerto Rican/Latin-tinged bands from the '30s that tended to make a lot of use of National resonators. 1930s.

Harp and guitar? Heck yes. 1920s?

Backyard bowlback player. 1910s?

Kick drum and accordion and harmonica? Woah, Nelly. 1930s.

The rare in-tune autoharp makes an appearance in this Estonian band. 1930s?

Dress-up! An 1890s banjo for a revolution-era outfit? Oh well, we don't do historical accuracy that well these days, either. 1930s?

The '30s/'40s Kay-made banjo suggests this photo is probably from the '40s, too. Nice vest! Nice cabin!


Phillips said…
You always post the best old photos,must have been cool back then ...in the beginning...