New Music: Cider Donuts

It's time again for my Solstice music gift for you -- this time it's all instrumental fingerpicked acoustic guitar (that '65 Epiphone Cortez). It's been a good but challenging year over here, and maybe some of that's reflected by the wood and the wire. Thanks for listening (and reading)!


tony klassen said…
Great music Jake. Open tunings? I curious.
Reese said…
Ok: now I like that guitar, unboundedly.
Andy said…
music's nice but your little girl is a real cutie!
Michael Mulkern said…
Lovely, stress relieving, relaxing music for this hectic time of year. Thanks for sharing!
Jake Wildwood said…
Tony: Thanks! Yes, I use open D on all of this, just with a capo here and there.

Reese: I thought so... :D

Andy: Thanks! She is!!! And a firebrand, too.

Michael: Thanks!!
Unknown said…
Stunningly beautiful carries you away on a Celtic breeze
with a touch of John Fahey mixed in.
Thank-you for sharing,
Unknown said…
So glad I happened upon your music. Thank you for your efforts, they paid off. Many happy returns of the sun for you!
Brandon McCoy said…
I revisit these recordings from time to time. If I could have them on Spotify, I absolutely would. Also, it really makes me happy to know that old Epiphone that I couldn't jive with wound up being put to good use. Thats kinda the whole point of the vintage stuff, I think: to take something that someone else may not appreciate or be able to use and put it to good use yourself. Or at least thats the way I feel about it.

I'm rambling now and Hurricane Dorian finally made its way out of our area with little to no damage it appears. Cheers and happy belated birthday.