Cleanout: 2006 MXL V67Q Stereo Condenser Microphone

This is sold.

I've owned this mic since new and have only used it maybe a couple-dozen times. It's great when you want to have stereo separation but just one big condenser mic in front of whatever you're trying to capture. I've used it for "vintage radio broadcast" needs, acoustic band recording and live for the same, overhead for small drum kits, and also a little bit for instrument soundclips. With a good preamp, it sounds really nice for acoustic guitars, too, as the sound is a bit more spread.

It's in lightly-used shape but works 100%, comes with its original 5-pin to 2x XLR cable, mic clip, and a random mic baggie I had in my storage area. I used to have the original plastic case for it, but I think I gave that to someone a long time ago. I have a plethora of condenser mics these days, so this one is, unfortunately, redundant.

It was made when these MXL mics were fresh on the market and the quality was better than today's versions of the same. I noticed a distinct drop-off in product quality on the MXLs starting from 2008 or so.