Workshop: Details, Details

Electric guitars of the Fender persuasion seem to shed knobs and switch tips like crazy and I never seem to have enough replacements hanging-around to keep things in spec for their owners. That's why folks like my buddy Rick wind-up with all sorts of weird stuff on their guitars -- antique butter knives used as whammy bars, truss rod covers replaced with old power tool serial number plates -- and in this case, a switch tip that's actually an old Harmony guitar tuner button.

My other buddy Phil supplied me with a few dice knobs some time ago and I'm glad to finally get them on something (now that they're drilled-out properly) where the owner will appreciate the cheese.

This is a Fatdawg build from maybe a decade or two ago -- and has a getting-close-to-death-by-twisting WD neck mated to a nice,'80s Fender body. I'm not sure what the pickups are but they have a classic -- but slightly raunchier -- tone. I like.