1938 Valco-made Dobro "Suitcase" Tube Amp

A Mr. Aidan brought this by for show-n-tell and to suss-out why it wouldn't power-up. The latter part was easy -- it looks like something burned-out the solder on the rear of the fuse holder and so one half from the plug just wasn't getting to where it needed to go. A little bit of solder later and he was back in business.

I didn't get a video of this amp, but it's got a killer tone and it's also all-original. Despite the looks, it's actually in far better shape than the average version of this amp -- they're usually trashed. It definitely needs its grill-cloth replaced to cut down on random rattle and a new handle, but with this cranked about half-way it's loud and also gloriously distorted into "BBQ-sauce-tone." At least -- that's what I call it.

These are rare, somewhat desirable, and expensive little boxes. I was pleased to see one (and even happier to hear it), as these are scarce.


Phillips said…
Very cool indeed