1970s Yamaha EM-100 6-Channel Powered Mixer

Well this piece of archaic technology is about as clean as it gets for one of these -- it still has its original box! Yes, there's tape residue on the front but heck, this is a mixer we're talking about! It's not loud and it's not flashy and it's definitely not tube-lovely, but it has a superbly-retro spring reverb onboard and you can't argue with the style or VU meters.

This thing works as it should and provides enough power to give you coffee-shop or practice-space levels. I wouldn't even think to try to use it over a drummer, though. This is more like the "use it for a few plugged-in acoustic musicians" sort of board.

I had to spray out some of the pots and I'm sure they'll need spraying again if this only gets infrequent use, but as-stated -- it works. The spring reverb gets nice and splashy and, if nothing else, this thing would be super-cool just to use as a reverb pass-through for recording or band-use because it does have phones and monitor-out jacks to run it into another board, powered speakers, recording consoles, and whatnot.

The board has feet on its right "side" so I'm assuming plenty of folks used this in the "upright" position to save space.

Here it is in its original shipping box and with its original padding.