2000s Fender P-150 Passport Portable PA System

A friend of mine dropped this off a little while ago to re-home it. It's been sitting under our piano in the shop so I figured it was about time to get it up for him. I'm not sure on the year, but I'm guessing this is an early-2000s or late-90s Passport. I'm not familiar with these other than the 2010-era all-black ones that some other friends have.

It has general use wear-and-tear around the edges, some scuffs on the outside, and a couple of marker dots to set positions for knobs, but otherwise it works well and comes with all of its original equipment except speaker cables.

It's not a very powerful unit but it's got plenty of juice for a couple of acoustic guitars and mics for coffee-shop playing, busking use, or speaking jobs. The built-in reverb isn't too shabby, either, and there are padded settings for each input (line/mic). It does not have phantom power, however, so you're out of luck if you want to try "one mic" setups with this. I also never liked how these PAs have the speaker jack on the front of the speakers, but the weight-savings and portability more than make up for that nuisance.