Ephemera: Banjos Banjos Gardens Accordions

While I don't condone the smoking at such a young age, I do approve of the get-up and the banjo-uke (looks like an Oscar Schmidt to me). Early 1930s?

The above fella got this snapped around 1895-1900 in Waterbury, Vermont. I like his Buckbee banjo.

Above is an early Hawaiian-band shot. Check out the very-Portuguese (and not-yet-ukulele) instruments including the 5-string rajao in the center. This must've been around 1880-1890.

Ok, here are three shots of the same dapper dandy with his fancy banjos -- two plectrums and a 5-string. 1920s, no?

I don't know what to make of the dock scene, but I think this was shot near Vancouver. 1920s?

The four buddies hiding in the garden were snapped in Bulgaria. 1940s or 1950s?

D-28 sighting! '30s/'40s.

This 1880s/1890s studio, with its fancy desk, was located somewhere in Poland.

...and how about a Pollman mandoline-guitar? Missing strings, but quite a prop! Early 1900s.

Now that's a machine! 1930s.


Rob Gardner said…
Love the kid with the cigarette and the shades. Some hip parents had to work up that whole scene back in the day. And where did all these eastern European photographs come from? You sure cast a wide net. Music lovers the world over....