Policy Changes

Alright, world -- you're getting more expensive. I haven't changed my rates in ages, but now's the time. The input-output is just not matching-up enough to keep pace with wear-and-tear on equipment and use of supplies. Fresh shipping boxes are now $11 a pop rather than the $6 they used to be just a few years ago, for instance. So...

Repair costs are now $70/hr instead of $60/hr shop rate. As usual, I work fast, so this is not likely to impact your overall repair costs in a large way. It will allow me reimburse myself for many of the materials costs I don't charge my customers for, however. This rate-change does not apply to anything that's already in the shop or that I'd already agreed to take on -- anything here already will continue with the old rate, while anything received after this date will be tagged for the new rate.

Consignment sales are now a flat 20% take across the board (after fees), with the usual caveat that if the repair fees cost more than the consignment, I charge those instead, but not both. That lets me work on low-cost, interesting stuff that would otherwise be not worth the pain. Again, this applies to anything received after this date.

Instruments I accept for consignment will now have to be vintage and fretted (well, unless we're talking fretless banjos or basses). The cutoff decade is the '80s. I'm no longer accepting bowed instruments, amps, or accessories for consignment unless they're something really special. I've been experiencing a huge amount of mission creep in terms of what I stock for the shop and I'd like to return to instruments that are in my wheelhouse instead of ones on the periphery of my interest.


Patsy said…
Thanks for the update, Jake.
Brad Smith said…
Makes sense to me!