Ephemera: High Hats

Another satisfied Montana-based Kay archtop customer -- late 1930s?

Vaquero style! 1930s.

I'm always surprised at how many old banjos had ribbons at the headstock. This one looks like a Buckbee or similar from around 1885.

Nice chair -- Oscar Schmidt bowlback, maybe? 1890s.

Banjo ukulele! Pith helmet! Pipe! Pennies! I don't know why, but I love it. 1930s?

The above fellow looks like a Russian 7-string guitarist from the 1920s.

Just like this happy couple, you too could have a Weymann mandolute! Probably 1920s.

I'm pretty sure the guitar in-hand is an old Martin 0 while the one on the floor looks like a Schmidt product. 1920s?

Someone looks like she got a mail-order guitar! Kay-built, I think, 1930s...

Meanwhile also in Montana, a man serenades his gals and dogs. 1930s

They're all lined-up to hear papa play! 1930s?

Microphones help date things -- this odd scene with the faux-facial-hair is from the 1950s.

And, of course, Lionel Hampton! Yesss. 1950s, too?


Reese said…
When I was very young, my Dad had a (malingering from the late 50s college) Kay guitar that I recall being very like the one in picture one here. I wish it hadn't gone away by about 1970.