1860s Francois Richard 4/4 Violin

These Francois Richard-branded violins (often with a Paris reference) all point to about mid-1800s in manufacture. This one is super-elegant with a clean, powerful, full voice and perfect handling. It's also very pretty and has an absurd amount of figure in the flamed back and sides.

It looks like it'd had a neck reset and new fingerboard at some point and, yes, the tailpiece is defintely swapped. It came to the shop as a customer repair job with its top off and various cracks needing cleats and repair. It also needed a patch for the soundpost area as that'd been indented pretty severely into the top and was beginning to make a nice crack there.

Now that it's all glued back-up and pat, it plays beautifully and should be safe to saw away on with the bow for quite some time.

Maple! Maple! I just want to eat that.


Thesoundword said…
Thanks Jake! Got this lovely at a yard sale for $40. Seriously one of the most undervalued violins in the vintage market. Lots of bass and punch for such an inexpensive violin. Maybe b/c it was made so thin? What’s the secret on this one, Jake?
Jake Wildwood said…
Yep, thin and an arch that's not quite so severe as others. That's been my usual findings with archtop guitars, too -- more bass = lighter arch and thinner wood, more punch, zip, and carry = steeper arch and thicker wood. Somewhere in-between is the sweet spot for most players.