Ephemera: More Oddballs

Above is the "Ray Frazee Trio" -- note the Stromberg (fancy!) guitar with DeArmond pickup. I'm guessing this dates to the '40s or early '50s? Nice mics, too.

Here's the back of that photo.

Above is "Ginger Lee" in the 1930s. How about that Chicago-made "resonator"? It looks a bit like a faux-reso to me, though.

This 1938 shot of "Leah" has all sorts of crazy. The unfortunate bit is lack of color, because I kid you not that that guitar is probably bright sparkly red-grey on the body with a green pearloid fretboard, if I've got the ID correct.

Here's a "Camp Scene" from Mill Valley, CA around the 1890s.

Above is a "Civil War" reenactor group from around 1900/1910 or so. Check out the mandolin: a Weymann? -- the banjeaurine: a Stewart? -- the guitar: perhaps one of the "Italian Guild" guitars in 000 size from NYC?

I just loved the music-stand cutouts for the players in this '30s shot of a cruise ship band.

Here's a bizarre photo of yet another "camp" group -- check out the 1860s banjo, though! Not sure when this was shot but I'd guess 1890s/1900s.

A three-strong shamisen outfit! 1880s, Japan.

Stop playing that Harmony 00 out in the snow, fella! 1930s.

This is from a German postcard from around 1885 -- note the Alpine(?) zither with its fretted section.

These two dandies must've been taking a tourist photo at Niagara Falls... too bad it's not the real thing behind them. I love the rug. 1880s, probably.


Jeff said…
I made out the signature of the guitar player in the top photo--Chet Krolewicz. Found his obit here--he died in 2013: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/bostonglobe/obituary.aspx?n=chester-j-krolewicz&pid=168307942&fhid=6390. You're right about the Stromberg guitar. The obit reads in part, "He began his musical career playing guitar with Fletcher Henderson's Swing Band in the early 1940's, at the age of 19. He was the first white guitarist to join an all-black band, breaking the reverse color line. A close personal friend of Elmer Stromberg, famous arch-top guitar builder in Boston, Chet was an endorser of Stromberg guitars and played them exclusively throughout his career. He is listed under Stromberg Guitars in Wikipedia among noted users... Chet was an accomplished guitarist. At the height of his career, he played for famous jazz singers and celebrities like Anita O'Day, Morgana King, Robert Goulet, Frank Sinatra, Sid Ceaser, Tony Bennett, Bob Hope, Rich Little, Perry Como, Jimmie Lunceford, Jackie Gleason and Nat Pierce." The obit goes on to say more about his musical career.
Jake Wildwood said…
Thank you so much for that!!!