Local Flavor: Reveling in Spring

My life has been insane for weeks, now. Walk-in, while-you-wait customers have been flocking to the shop since the snow's all melted and the weather's fine and breezy. I think I'm backed-up another month behind schedule and I was months behind already! It's been fun, though. Hopefully I can address the backlog directly over the next few weeks, though.

It's been so busy around here I only had time to brush-up on random blog posts and I hadn't even had the frame of mind to adjust my inventory and whatnot (that's addressed, by the way). It's that feeling of slip-slip-slipping... makes one feel a little batty.

This weekend was a blast, though -- our little one turned 6 and she had a wild sleepover party followed by grandparents visiting, a trip up to Montpelier for All Species Day, and a birthday present-a-thon all day today. My favorite part of that was a bobcat stuffed animal who surprised her by showing-up in her booster seat at school pickup!

Mama also has an early Mother's Day gift of a new porch swing which we're all enjoying to a healthy amount.

These photos are from our outing today to Texas Falls. Elsa (our little one) loves the walk there a lot and so it was a nice cap to end the day before dinner.


Unknown said…
Happy Birthday Elsa!
Andy said…
hope she gets a pie