Net Out Yesterday

Both our phones and internet were out for a long time yesterday. Please forgive me for not getting back to you promptly. That backed me up quite a bit in my inbox, unfortunately. On the good side? Instead of streaming music off the net, I plugged my old drives in and listened to music from down memory lane...

In other news: there's an absolute storm of cool projects in the shop -- 12-string electric guitars (one of which is totally bizarre), a Jake-custom-made electric ukulele for a jam buddy of mine, various beautiful ukuleles and associated piles of similar small instruments, and a never-ending assault of funky and lovely old guitars. I feel quite overwhelmed, to be honest, but have been attacking things as mercilessly as I can. Due to the spirit of the season (it's Spring... time to go get our instruments adjusted... it'll just take a sec!), I'm definitely backlogged like an ant trying to push back floodwater in its nest, but progress is being made.