Workshop: Bowlback Trim, Pie, Quiche

I just thought it'd be cute to snag a pic of the replacement binding process on this old Oscar Schmidt bowlback mandolin. Those are oversized plastic binding pieces being glued-in. After that I'll backfill the nicked-out portions of the black (ebonized maple) binding and then clip and fine-sand/buff all of the binding flush with itself. Fortunately, this mandolin had white celluloid "rope" pieces rather than the more-usual pearl trim, which meant a lot less headache for me.

Next-up -- a not-so-beautiful (it bubbled like crazy) mixed-fruit-and-apple pie and...

...lunch! I love quiche. There are fiddlehead ferns in there as well as mixed dandelion greens, quoth the Bonnie.

And no -- Elsa didn't have pie for her birthday, but she did have a homemade ice cream cake!