Ephemera: Salvation Station

Woah, boys! A blind girl, three Tilton-patent, Haynes-made guitars, and a concertina? This Salvation Army band is rockin' it! 1880s?

It looks like Mr. Johnny Shaw is killing it in this '50s-era shot at the organ.

Hold on to your hats! It's a triple-bass assault from WWI-era Czechs.

This 1908 shot was taken in "Newcomerstown," Ohio. I'm not sure about this guitarist's wingmen, though.

These 1920s dandies were from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This 1930s gal has painted her '20s guitar and is puttin' on the style.

1930s band playing guitar, fiddle/viola?, and two harmonicas...

Hey, look! Even mandolin players get a shot in the limelight, sometimes! This guy's clearly on a folk/hillbilly/country stage and is rockin' his 1920s Martin Style B mandolin. Check the pickwear!

The above late-'40s/early-'50s band has me jealous with their Gibson and Martin archtops and the waterfall scenery.

Man! This '60s band has some nice gear, despite playing in the church basement...