Local Flavor: Sun Again!

It's been raining, raining, raining over here. We even had some nights down close to freezing. When the sun finally peeked-out this morning and stayed all day, everyone's moods in town erupted into a frenzy of euphoria.

We have another new camera in the house and so I was taking it out for a test today and managed to snag a few bugs. Forgive the soft focus here and there as I'm still learning the ropes with it. The bees were industrious, though!

There was a huge cluster of (living) butterflies at our compost. They scattered when I got just a little closer, but at least I have this evidence. They appear to be Eastern Tiger Swallowtails.

The river's really high right now and our "beach bamboo" is flooded, too.

Anyhow, more tomorrow -- lots to share -- I've been extremely busy, as usual, and also need to get back to everyone via emails and phonecalls (as usual), too. Talk soon!


Phillips said…
Beautiful scenery Jake keep the bee's happy..great honey we got from wing farm....i 💘 VT