Local Flavor: Water, Wood, Stationery

After work the family went for an early grocery run to Middlebury and while we were downtown, we did our customary check on the river and the falls. It was super foamy in there today, and the evening light playing on the stuff was gorgeous in a bit of a grotesque way.

It was nice to get outside after work -- usually there's so much left to do in the day that I don't really make it out except to do a random chore or two before bed. There's plenty of instrument chores to do, though, and lots to share from this week -- I just finished-up a '30s National Style O this afternoon -- but more on that stuff tomorrow.

While over the mountain we also caught-up with the bookstore and the stationery shop. The kids love the stationery shop. It comes with being Art Kids, I suppose. While I dug-around for gold and silver pens to touch-up electric guitar hardware, they dug-out their own cash and bought some markers and sketch pads.

How about the roaring clouds behind that wild steeple?