Ephemera: Odd Stories

Shack quintet, near the Carolinas, 1910.

...or maybe you're into drums? The shot was from 1913 per the back of the photo.

This Canadian singer was caught on cam at Prince Edward Island in the 1930s.

Next-up, a very strange story. This is "Miss Alice Wygle" in 1914.

The back of the postcard describes how she died -- presumably in "hospital" -- on July 29th.

However, in the Washington Times a month previously, she's mentioned as confined to an asylum in Argentina. Apparently she was hoodwinked into plopping her cash down on a dodgy religious organization down there. Oh, my.

These four youngsters are in Vogelenzang, in the Netherlands, according to the back of the photo. 1955.

This Bulgarian band has got the style. Date, anyone? I'm guessing 1950s on the bulky suits, but I suppose this could be prewar.

The above trio is killing it. 1900s.

5-string players tend towards awkward positions. 1890s.

That's some outfit! 1890s.

Nice guitar! 1870s/1880s.