Local Flavor: Bugs & Berries

Today was basically the perfect summer day up here -- we picked blueberries on Blueberry Hill, went swimming, ate a picnic, bumbled around in the garden, and went biking. Add some cherry-nectarine cobbler and ice cream into the mix and you've really got it going-on. First-up, some pictures from the evening's bug-hunt...

The pollen! I'm surprised the Bee Union didn't get all up in my face about taking shots of their rear-ends.

I love the little dramas that play-out every evening. Here two ants try to make it past a grasshopper.

These little beetles are a scourge but they're so cute.

The view from the top of Blueberry Hill is always superb.

Today, like clever folks, we picked in the shade of the pines and there was plenty to grab.

Here's from in Mama's basket.

The berries are mixed-in between these little mossy guys and clusters of ferns. It's pretty idyllic. Humid, today -- but idyllic.

The first day we went, the tigerlilies were amazing. They're all done now, though!