Local Flavor: Bugs & Flowers & Bugs on Flowers

I picked up an extension tube for my Fuji the other week so I could shoot faux-macro from time to time. After our 4th of July adventures (more photos of that after I get through processing them) yesterday, we went for a swim, ate tacos, and proceeded to collapse into a bonfire for the evening. Before that, though, I went for a stroll through the yard to spy on bug-critters. These aren't the most in-focus pictures (still getting used to the razor-thin focal plane) but I'm always amazed what you find hanging-out in the yard up here with just 5 minutes of prowling.

Our raspberry patch is coming-on strong again this year, and this fella was stalking in it.

We picked-up some extra blueberry bushes this year and man do those look like they're gonna be good.

Enemy targeted...

...and here's the big boss.


Phillips said…
Very cool photography