Local Flavor: Lake Day, Strawberry Day

Off days can be just as busy for us as work days -- we like to go over to Lake Dunmore (sorry about the focus being off on the trees) to swim in summer (it's only 20-25 minutes away when the road's not torn-up for repaving...) -- and today we also went berry-picking afterwards. Vermont's agriculture scene is huge and we have absurd choice in fresh fruits and veggies throughout the growing season.

Seagulls occupied me while the kids were finishing-up their day with an after-swim spin on the playground. I like how the fella on the right is all, "yeah, did you hear what Kathy did to Henrik yesterday?"

Earlier at strawberry-picking, Elsa queened over us all while we did the work. I suppose she did move the berries I picked back to our flat, though.

Do you know how hard it is to keep kids from snacking on the berries while they pick? There should be shock collars for this use.

12 lbs and we're done...