Local Flavor: Rochester 4th of July Parade

The parade's always fun, in that bizarro-world Norman Rockwell way life can be around here. Let's get the classic cars done first -- they're secretly my favorite part. How about this NM-plate pickup?!

...or maybe you prefer a silver MG?

Buddies Trevor and Russell are rockin' these wheels. Muscle!

I've always thought Corvettes were "bad guy" cars -- though those lines, ya know? Strat owners are probably into Corvettes. Just saying...

The friggin' handbell choir had their own float this year! They were practicing all the way down near the shop on the way to the parade. As I was loading-up gear for your 4th of July concert on the park, I heard them rolling-by.

Here are our Girl Scouts! ...holding their favorite cookies.

It was Smokey the Bear's 75th birthday this year and the Forest Service gave him a giant cake.

The local White River Valley Players are 40 this year.

Of course, the rest of the parade belonged to fire crews.