1924 Bacon Style B Banjo-Mandolin

This instrument is all-original save for its newer Remo synthetic head, and it's a good example of an earlier Groton-made Bacon instrument. Being a Style B, it's relatively plain and features a "Little Wonder"-style tonering (brass hoop in a slim sleeve). It's actually pretty-much exactly comparable to a Vega Little Wonder from the time, save that the neck feels a little more durable and its styling is a little more sophisticated.

It has a bright, brash, chipper sound and would easily fit-in with a dance band or a jug band. It's very clean and a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's lived with its original case its entire life.

Work was just a setup and compensation of the original bridge. I also secured the neck to the rim a bit more forcefully, so it'd be stable-in-service for the future. I think the owner was happily-surprised at how a minor amount of TLC brought-out a winner in this one.

The bridge appears to be original. I compensated it as much as I could and restrung with 32w-9 gauges (the GHS A240 bowlback-style string set).