Demo: Tone King Falcon Grande 20w Tube Amp

I've searched long and hard for an amp to demo equipment in the shop and record with. There were features I really wanted -- long true spring reverb, an attenuator to step-down volume, low overall wattage, a '50s and early '60s tonal palette, all tube, lightweight, 12" speaker, and lower than 30w power. This is basically the only amp with all of that, and I'm super-glad I took the plunge on this fancy rig. Plus -- it's surf green and white and looks like a tee-vee. I'm smitten.

This is just a quick demo that covers the three "channels" of color on the amp -- rhythm, tweed, and lead -- with reverb turned on after each section. This is just to give you an idea. If you crank the volume you can get some seriously-dirty sounds, too, for those delicious radial airplane engine sounds.

Click here to see the manufacturer's info page.


Phillips said…
Good luck with your new amp Jake
She looks and sounds like a dandy
Brandon McCoy said…
This combination of amp and guitar works like a charm.
sixfootsix said…
Hi Jake I got to play a couple Tone Kings in Seattle a while back - loved 'em!