Ephemera: Catch Exceeds Limit

A Regal "Big Boy"-style guitar. I love it! Late '30s, early '40s.

Here's a rugged trio on the road in the cold -- 1930s -- with period KayKraft-style 2-point mandolin, Slingerland MayBell parlor... and friend.

The above group is killer! A Hawaiian-made uke (it appears to be), cheap '30s Harmony-made Dobro-style guitar (w/8" Dobro cone, likely), Gibson L-00 (in black?), and a Martin OM with banjo pegs. Nice kit, folks!

The best part of this is that this Hawaiian (slide) guitar player is doing her thing on a boat. I imagine those are college outfits of some sort? 1920s.

This stylish fella is playing some love-a-bies on his Regal-made "redhead" uke. 1920s.

Rhuuuuuuuuuumba! 1930s.

Someone will probably remind me about the maker of this style guitar with its odd tailpiece+metal bridge contraption. It's always been a good idea (that's mostly implemented poorly) and classical guitar makers have taken this and expanded upon it in recent years. 1890s.

Dad & Son in a field? With a little rocking chair for a footrest? 1910s/1920s. The guitar is from 1905-1915 era.

Don't WHYN at me, dance-band. 1930s?


Nick R said…
I think the guy with the L-00 in photo number three is the same gentleman in photo number one with the Regal.
Jake Wildwood said…
I think it's coincidence -- three things going against it: eyebrows, distance (photos from opposite coasts and different sellers on eBay), and ears. And cheeks. That's four... :D ...but I like the idea of it!
Jeff said…
Are the guy with the uke and his friend in #5 short? Look at how big their heads are compared to their bodies, and how they measure up next to the porch. Could they be circus performers? Just a thought. Thanks as always for these pics.
Jake Wildwood said…
Jeff: high pants, weird waist lines, odd camera angle, I think. Probably short, too... :D
Ivan said…
I think photo #1 with the big boy guitar is an early shot of Smokey Robinson https://images.app.goo.gl/vXa1jyWGVxgo2Hym6