Ephemera: Ukes Everywhere

First-up: isn't this photo amazing? It's got to be the very late teens or early 1920s. They're all playing Hawaiian-made ukes -- not mainland ones. I love it. Circa 1915-1920.

BB guns and lap-steel ukulele? Why not, fellas? Circa 1940s?

This faux-mariachi and his date are strutting their stuff in the early '50s. The guitar's a Harmony Monterey archtop.

The rest of these are all the same uke-crazy couple in the late '20s or early '30s. I wonder what park this is?


Nick R said…
That first photo is really wonderful. I suppose in the past, stuff was just chucked away- now it is sold on ebay after the estate sale. I can remember going to the town municipal dump- I was a kid back in 1966. There were piles of stuff from house clearances- many photos of military units from World War One- all these soldiers lined up- some sitting cross-legged at the front. These were framed photos and some of the boys got bricks and smashed them- very sad but that's the way it is- or was. I don't dare go to the town dump as I know I will see stuff that I think needs to be saved!