What Work's Like: The Blogging

Since I've gone to an "end-of-the-week" post format (for efficiency), I finding the "stats" part of it a bit funny. I just recently put-up the videos from the latest haul, in which I've got 9 instruments to post about.

For each of those instruments, I'll then record all their measurements and take photos at the same time. That took about an hour and a half, while the videos took around 40 minutes. After that I have to go through the photos, pick the good ones, and adjust them -- that's whittling-down about ~42 shots per instrument (I had ~380 in last night's batch) to ~12-20 on the other side.

Then I actually have to blog them which is, surprisingly, the easy part!

I'll share some more segments like this from time to time. These thoughts bounce around in my head now and then.