Ephemera: Bigger Bands

The above 5-piece is most definitely an early-adopter "Hawaiian" unit. I like the mix of Hawaiian guitar, tailpieced flattop guitar, mid-teens Gibson archtop, and teens-era Vega 5-string banjo. The violin is the saving grace of classiness. It's almost like she's standing apart from these ragamuffins and their twing-twang plucking! 1910s.

The photo above has "Nonogaki Kofu" stamped in it. Kofu is a city near Mount Fuji that's in the vicinity of Tokyo, so I'm assuming that this was shot at a studio there. I'm guessing that this is from around 1920-1925.

Harp and dance? This was taken in California -- probably in the 1930s.

This murder of tenor banjos from New Jersey must've been captured in the '60s.

1920s! Or, at earliest, the teens-era. The uke is Hawaiian-made.

Considering the blocky headstock shape, this banjo-picking lady's photo probably dates from the 1880s or (at latest) early 1890s.

Here's a guy in white taking a break with his 1910s  Gibson A mandolin. The trashed white clothes suggests a house-painter, maybe...?

While not doing "his thing" on a classical or gut-strung guitar, this guy clearly thinks he's gone mariachi. 1930s.

The guitar looks like it might be a Schmidt from the late '30s, maybe? I'm not sure if the outfit is naval or just vaguely-nautical. 1940s? Someone enlighten me.


Nick R said…
The rugged looking guy with the archtop is wearing the regulation US Navy wool hat- not the Michael Nesmith wool hat! Apparently, it was called the "watch cap" so while you scoured the sea for U Boats, you kept your head warm- or warmer than the uniform cap. I can see snow on the ground- in a climate like that, a man needs a Kay but I cannot place it- so OS may well be the maker- or its successor! Laminates rule in dodgy climatic conditions. Google "Heimat Navy Blue Wool Mechanics Hat". Get one now- ready for the winter! A bit on the pricey side!