Ephemera: Family Pursuits

The above shot has a Charleston, SC studio mentioned. Looks like 1890s/1900s, no? I love the pump organ!

Did I post this one before? Maybe! Still, get a load of "Shorty" and then "Marty" and his 00 Martin. Nice! 1930s.

These folks are being pretty cooperative with the banjo-uke-slayer. Is that a Lange product? 1920s.

The above shot is dated "1954." Is it 1954, though? The guitar looks to be a Gibson-made model like the various Recording Kings of the '30s -- second-line off-brand but high quality and with carved-tops.

Watch that kid with the Richter uke! 1930s.

I approve of this mix of instruments. Now imagine all of them at once... 1930s. The guitar is a typical Harmony all-birch Supertone.


Andy said…
guy with the banjo-uke is Lyle Lovett's grandpa ...