Ephemera: Fascists & Pastoralists, Oh My

The above photo is from 1938 and depicts a crew from the German cruiser "Emden" in Bermuda. The irony of the content in this photo is simply brutal. Update: Mr. Andy says: "The British bombed the Emden to bits in 1945."

The Sod Dusters like some good stuff! The banjo appears to be a Kay-make from the '30s. The bass is a nice '40s Epiphone (yes!). The highlight, of course, is the killer National New Yorker electric guitar that could've even been the one I worked-on some time back. Photo circa 1940s.

How about this windswept Western Canadian banjo picker? That's an old, cheap, Chicago-made tenor and the logo on the headstock reminds me of the "Daisy" brand ones from the '30s.

The eBay listing for the above photo says the text reads as: "Eastern Musical Combined Ensemble of the House of Education under the leadership of Bagrat Gevorkian" and dates it to 1933.

I'm not sure, but I may have posted these 1920s lovers with their 1910s-era Weymann mandolute at some point before.

Also: springtime in Northern California! ...with a nice old early-1900s box to strum on.