Quick Note: Gibsons Upcoming, Email Fleamail, Etc.

I have been grinding-away at some over-deadline work for the past few weeks and a lot of it has been a hurricane of banjos and ukuleles as well as guitars that've been waiting a long time for service. Tomorrow I'm finally turning the corner on them and getting back to some consignment and repair guitars that I've had started for a while but haven't finished.

Among the next wave are a killer assortment of '20s-'50s Gibson flattops and archtops, most of which are for sale, but some returning home. It's like a Candyland assortment of them and I'm knee-deep in gumdrops. I'll be listing and posting this and last week's remaining wave of banjos and whatnot, too, so before-long the shop is going to be overflowing with fun toys of all stripes again. Part of the odd workflow is that it just makes efficiency-sense to batch similar instruments.

In the somewhat-near future, I will also get around to snapping pictures of everything here that's awaiting consignment and update the "upcoming" page which is sorely out-of-date. That will feel good and hopefully stop driving everyone nuts.

On the phone and email front -- bear with me, please. I think I've returned calls and emails to everything that's time-sensitive. If I haven't, please just message me again or buzz me on the phone during store hours.

People seem to be more and more sequestered on different platforms these days and now I get messages via FaceBook, Messenger, Instagram posts as well as direct messages, Reverb, email, phone, and texts to our (landline) phone that I didn't even realize I could receive. It's rather hard to keep up. Does anyone know of something to condense all this stuff into one stream? This fractured communications is resulting in a lot of conversational dissonance. I can't wait until folks can just teleport via hologram into my workspace so we can be rid of all this craziness.


Kathy said…
Beam me down, Jake!