Local Flavor: Early Winter

The beginning of winter up here has been frustrating. In this past week, we already got down to about 7-10F in the mornings two days in a row and have been snowed-on twice. Folks up here are not prone to complaining, but this is not a good omen for the rest of the season.

Still, it's pretty stuff and we just got all 10 tons of our wood pellets stowed before the first real snow, so at least we're now hunkered-in.

These are shots of Rochester's town library which has some of the nicest stained glass in the state as far as I'm concerned.

The hollow is extra-photogenic in winter.


Rob Gardner said…
Oh what a beautiful place central Vermont is, Jake. Seriously good low light capability on that camera too, to photograph those stained glass windows . Beautiful shots .
Dave in CO said…
Beautiful part of the world. It makes me miss it...
Jake Wildwood said…
Beautiful -- I agree! :)

Rob: yes, quick prime lens at f/2. I have my eyes on a zoom that's a flat f/2.8 as well, though Fuji's 56mm f/1.2 sounds tempting for night shots, too. I love low light!
It's BIGFOOT!! There! At the Tree line.. left side... LOOK!!! BIGFOOT!! it's him!!
He has a guitar with him !! Looks like a big old 1963 Gibson J-200! WOW!! ?? WOW!!
What in the world? Get that guy a case for his axe! .. :-)

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