2017 Fender Blues Deluxe 40w Tube Amp

My local friend Jim bought this amp a couple of years ago and so I'm guessing it's about a 2017 make. It's basically new and has had under 10 hours of play on it. There's one off-color scuff on the bottom of the cabinet but otherwise it looks like it should be out for sale in a shop as new. He bought it to play around the house but guess what? 40 watts in tube is far too loud for that for most folks without sticking an attenuator on it. Hence why it's sat unused with its original packaging, hang tags, and amp cover for the last couple years and why it's now available at the shop.

You know what 40 watts of Fender tube is glorious for, though? Gigging, jamming with electric buddies, recording at bigger studios, and generally causing a nuisance. The "clean" channel on this is classic Fender goodness and sparkly-clear with tons of headroom. The "drive" channel has some good, midsy, growly gain that can be added to that. Each channel has its own volume and there's a master volume, too, so it's easy-enough to set this up as a "rhythm/lead" channel-switching amp to get a nice volume boost -- dirty or not.

The reverb sounds good, long, and lush and nearly gets you all the way to surf territory. It's a very classic sound to match the classic tweedy looks.

So -- there you have it. There's plenty of resources online to find out more about these amps but the bottom line is that they have all that classic, tweedy Fender goodness you could want, they look great, and they're super-practical stage amps -- especially if you play in older styles. I fired it up and played it for about 45 minutes yesterday and aside from the master volume giving scratchiness around the 0.75 mark (which I sprayed-out) it handled like new.

It comes with its original packaging and materials, a footswitch (but no cable for it), amp cover, and original set of Groove Tubes tubes installed.

Heck -- the Fender logo plate still has its protective plastic on it.