Ephemera: Ringing in the...

This class of kids has an army of accordions a bunch of cheap guitars. How about that weird, long-necked, size 5 Kay parlor in the back? The rest look like Kays, too, save perhaps one Harmony archtop and a Richter or United-made flattop. 1950s.

Next-up -- a terrifying clown band-army! 1910s?

This was titled "Surprise Party" -- and 1933. Note the (Oahu-branded?) Schmidt guitar.

I'm not sure if I posted this before, but this '30s or '40s New Orleans shot -- compete with killer funky resonator guitar -- is killer.

Above is Bobby Helms and band in the '50s. Check out the hip Fender amps and the Martin with its DeArmound soundhole pickup. I'm guessing that's paper in the strings to get a chunk-chunk sound in a Johnny Cash vibe.

Too cute -- looks like granddad and daughter in the garden, no? 1930s.

Guns and guitars! Note the Pollman mandoline-banjo in front. 1900s.

This fella's hand-colored and playing a '30s Regal "gumby-scroll" mandolin.

The above Kansas four-some looks pretty spiffed-up -- 1880s?

Someone's practicing on the stoop. 1920s?

This Minnesota pair seems to have fine taste in Germanic guitars. 1890s? Check out the bridge on the harp guitar...!

Guns and banjos this time. Shot around 1900 in Sonoma, CA.

These two sailors have a leg-up on the banjo competition. 1920s.

Ah, remember our holiday, darling? 1940s? 1950s?

Hey! It's a Waldo bowlback mandolin in the wild! 1890s?

This was titled the "Waleutah" or similar orchestra and, as you can see, they were snapped in New Hampshire. Gotta love that mix of instruments... 1890s?