Ephemera: Oldies Oldies

How 'bout this group? Four old bowlbacks, a gut-strung parlor (Boston-made?), and steel-strung guitar, and a cello -- must be quite a noise! 1890s?

These two are living the parlor life in style. 1880s?

Someone -- please remind me what brand this guitar is. That plate at the end of the fretboard is indicative of -- Howard? Hornward? Thornward? Oh, it's something like that. 1880s?

The bone-button tuners of this style tend to say the guitar was made in the 1880s but this shot is probably from the 1890s.

So... many... accordions! 1940s?

Nice Buckbee 5-string! Late 1880s/early 1890s...

The above guitar sure looks like an 1880s Lyon & Healy "Lakeside" parlor to me...

That's some part, young man. 1890s.

Living the country life -- banjos, hammocks, and 7-day work weeks! Is that a US mail bag repurposed? 1920s.

Jug band! 1940s?

And last... a wannabe cowpoke. Late '30s? Early '40s? The guitar looks like a Harmony -- and failing that, a Richter.


Andy said…
Thornward guitars - Jimi Hendrix is supposed to have owned one (really!)
Nick R said…
Thornward was a retail brand- the most blinged up models sold by Montgomery Ward- less flashy being branded Concertone about the same time. Greg Lake had one as well. I am a Concertone owner- a tiny Regal- possibly a woman's guitar and I have another that is probably a Concertone but probably made by Lyon & Healy. You need to be a star to have a Thornward!
Unknown said…
Pretty sure the brand you're thinking of is Harwood..there is an extensive thread on them on the Mandolin Cafe going back several years.

All the best,