Jumble Sale: Mics, Footswitches, Speakers, Parts

I recently took a number of items in for trade. All are in good working order and ready to be re-homed. I will get these listed in my inventory soonish.

First-up is a Beyerdynamic M300N vocal dynamic mic. West German-made, 1980s, and in really, really good shape. It sounds great, too -- very clean and full and without the midsy hump of most dynamics. It's getting close to the sound of my nicer Sennheiser vocal dynamics.

$100 shipped

Ok, next-up is a more-recent (1990s?) Shure SM57 -- good for drums and amps -- in good order but with some scratching up and down the barrel.

$60 shipped

Next, we have a pair of British-made Celestion G10S 50w 10" speakers. These were being used in a PA but test-out nice and sound good. I'd use them in a guitar cab, no problem.

The second one has some sort of waxy buildup on the cone but it doesn't sound any different.

$75 shipped for the pair

Uh, huh? Next is a section of NOS Fender grey-silver-black grill cloth from the late '70s or early '80s. It's 53x38" and two smaller sections (one aged and pulled out of an old amp, clearly) are included as well.

$30 shipped

Finally, how about some Peavey Bandit/Classic footswitches from the late '80s or early '90s? Both work well but show wear and tear. The first one has cracked edging on its snap-on foot and more scratches while the second one is a lot cleaner and has no damage to the box.

$18 shipped on chippy, $25 shipped on cleany

For special attention is this 1910s/1920s Gibson mandolin pickguard -- the last transaction on this never went through and I forgot all about it until I spotted this on the piano today. It's in great shape with only the usual 100-year-old pickwear to the top but it does not have its bracket assembly to clamp it to the instrument's side.

$100 shipped

How about a set of celluloid 5-string banjo pegs? These friction guys came out of something like an SS Stewart or nicer-quality Buckbee. They're in good shape and would look great on an old gut-stringer. They're meant to look like ivory but are molded celluloid from around 1880s/1890s.

$40 shipped


Hi Jake, I'd like to buy the banjo pegs, please! Thanks, Mark