Local Flavor: Snow Gone, Back Again

We got plenty of snow before the holidays, then it melted, and now it's back again -- that's the ongoing cycle up here. These shots are from a walk on a warmer (30F) day while my Dad was visiting up here late last month.

I'm back to work since last Friday but I'm afraid I've been tight-lipped on emails, instant messaging, and the like. I've been trying to answer all my calls quickly, but many are overlapping the last few days (I hear it do the deedoosquisssssh sound all the time behind you folks talking to me), so I'm hoping to get back to anyone who missed me as soon as I can, too.

There's good stuff upcoming -- lots of Gibsons, a few old Martins, and some Kalamazoos are on the menu. Mixed-in will be some Bay State and Bohmann parlors and some downright odd stuff.

Anyone else see the new Star Wars? It's been Star Wars 24/7 over at our place -- the kids have really dug into it. I was testing to see if they might like the movies early last month and within a couple weeks they'd seen all of them at their insistence. We just saw the IX last weekend -- no spoilers to be found here! These are good times for me -- it's very nostalgic -- I used to watch at least one of them whenever I got stuck home sick from school when I was a kid.


It was a bit damp that day of the walk so despite how evergreen everything looks, it was chill. I love how in winter one can see right through the forest for such a distance.

Is anyone else obsessed with the different designs found in ice? Ever since we moved to Connecticut from Los Angeles when I was in second grade I've found it fascinating. The palette's minimalist, but I like it.

The red-purple colors in the blueberry field were incredible, too.


Phillips said…
Ahhhh.beautiful pics Jake a winter wonderland for sure.