Pointless Picks Shout-Out

The maker of Pointless Picks sent me a trial pack after he bought a guitar from me and I've been letting folks try (and take) what they like in-shop ever since. These are curious picks because every "attack" point of it is a medium, rounded-shape and that is something that I, personally, have never bonded with. I tend to like bigger, triangular, sharply-pointed picks.

However, a lot of folks in-shop have enjoyed these. They especially suit strummers as the gentle slope of the pick means strings don't put up as much resistance and you can glide across the strings easily. You can get a really cool "brushy" sound out of these because of that.

Another plus is a circular molded bit on the inside of the pick that grabs your thumb nicely to keep it in place. While my go-to acoustic picks are Blue Chips, I always wish they had a bit more grip like this or the nylon Dava picks I use on electrics.

Anyhow -- they're worth a shot and they look cool as heck, too.


You might as well use poker chips.