Workshop: Just a Little Nudge

After going back-and-forth about keeping the Egmond Typhoon I'd recently worked on, I decided to keep it because I love the feel of it and I really liked the neck pickup sound. I wasn't happy with much of the other sounds, however, so I yanked the extraneous 3rd pickup and made a new wiring harness with 3-way switch and volume+tone pots.

I think it's a huge upgrade and it turns a peculiarity-machine into more of a workhorse that gets Jazzmaster/Jaguar vibes mixed with the mids-roar of P90s. So -- if you've got a funky Egmond that you want to improve the sound of -- try the wiring first. I was pretty sure I was going to have to find at least a different bridge pickup so I'm glad I gave these an honest chance instead.


Reese said…
Excellent! Sounds utterly Jake-ish, to me.
Phillips said…
I'm Sooo glad Jake that's does sound much better than before I'm glad you decided to keep it the neck really is awesome..i miss it..😞😞 also in case I want to buy it back😉😉