1966 Giannini Model 6 Classical Guitar

This totally-beat old Giannini is a customer's guitar that was just in for some tweaking to get it playing better. I'm only sharing because I have a healthy respect for these ply-body, Brazil-made products. They're not fancy but they always handle well and have a good tone to them.

They're not as bombastic or boomy as typical Japanese-made ply-body classicals from the time, and the student-level models like this one also have a slightly-smaller body and short scale length which gives them more of a relaxed, "folk" feel.

The finish has yellowed like crazy on the bridge and my shaved-front alteration (to get the action down) shows the color of the actual rosewood underneath.


Unknown said…
I JUST bought this exact same guitar at a flea market. Mine has the same exact sticker on the inside. Mine is 5/66. Restringing it and cleaning it up right now.
Unknown said…
Mine is Model 6 7/66 but no serial number hmmm.
Amanda Cases said…
My late grandfather gave me his 6/66 in 1993 when I turned 16. I had it for many years sharing its tune with accomplished artists. Who ever started to play it would always pause and take a better look at it because the sound it had was so unique. I would joke and called it the devils instrument. One day it was stolen from me in San Diego in 2001. It broke my heart and till the day he died my grandfather would always remind me that it was his first guitar. I wonder till this day where it could be. If anyone should have any information please contact me at 5622535400 Amanda Cases