1983 Daion Mugen Junior Dreadnought Guitar

I've worked on several Mugen Mark I model Daions for my friend Rick (and others), but this is the first time he's dragged in a Mugen Junior. I didn't even know this model existed. It's almost identical to a normal Mugen Mark I save that it arrived with factory-installed junky tuners, it has a Martin-style rosette, and the pickguard is tortoise rather than wood. After swapping-out the tuners for Gotoh Kluson-style units, I've gotta say I kind-of prefer the looks of this to a normal Mugen anyhow.

If you don't know the story, Daion guitars were made by Yamaki in Japan and were exported as a high-grade line of flattops and electrics. They hold-up extremely well over the years and are easily as good or better than the average Alvarez-Yairi models built at the same time. The fancier Daions give boutique, US-made guitars from the '80s a good run for their money in looks, sound, and style, too. This one sounds like a more-relaxed D-18 clone and that makes sense as it has a cedar top, long scale length, and ply mahogany back and sides.

Work on this was simple -- a fret level/dress, adjustments to its replacement bone nut, new tuners, replacement bridge pins, and proper adjustment and compensation at the saddle.


Unknown said…
wow what timing , I have a Mugen Junior and it looks exactly like this one
only thing is the serial on mine is 2835 1D
I cant work out why my serial no is so differnt to this ones ?
Anyhow mine still plays great even after all these years and hearing your recording its just such a familiar sound
Thanks for sharing