2000s SWR California Blonde 200w Acoustic Amplifier

This is a consignment amp and, due to its weight and size, I'm thinking it's best kept to a local sale -- $350 in-shop.

A local customer used this amp for many years of constant gigging and it has the wear and tear to the covering to show for it. But -- guess what? These things are built like tanks and this slugger is still going strong.

There were several generations of this amp but this one appears to be one of the earlier made-in-USA versions. It weighs a bunch but for that you get a rugged build, quality deisgn, and 200w of power. 

These are more like "half a PA" than they are solely acoustic guitar amp. It's got a much bigger sound and carrying power than I'm used to from the average acoustic amp. This is basically what it was being used for, too. The tone-shaping stack of the instrument/guitar channel is very useful, too, for getting the most out of what you put in. It even has actual spring reverb on board.

I tried it out with various mics and the acoustic guitars in the shop that have pickups in them and everything sounded great through it. There's a local player who uses his own Cali Blonde as a bass amp, too -- both electric and acoustic -- and these sound excellent that way, too.