2015 Fender Rumble 40 1x8" Bass Amplifier

The quick of it is that I'm selling this "ol' faithful" -- $100 in-shop to the first taker and it has a ~$70 upgraded speaker in it, too.

So -- why sell? I've got a fancy bass-amp upgrade heading here and the shop is practically swimming in big amps so I need the room.

I've been using this Rumble as my go-to bass amp since I bought it new in 2015. Check that link for more details on its capabilities.

It has some scuffs and scratches to the tolex and some discoloration to the knobs, but otherwise it looks almost the same as it did back then -- including the addition of the (much-talked-about-at-shows) coyote grill cloth.

It's seen a lot of use doing various jobs at gigs and sessions. At the time I got it, its light weight and good power (for size) allowed me to be rid of two larger bass amps that I was no longer hauling around. I mean, the dang thing weighs only 18 lbs.

A year or two ago, I upgraded its speaker to a good Celestion Pulse unit and that spiffed-up the tone a bunch (though the stock speaker was good, too) -- cleaner mids, more punch, and a less tubby bass.

I've used this amp for bass, clean electric jazz guitar, acoustic guitar, and keyboard work. I've even used it as an extra monitor in a pinch using the AUX-in input. It performs. I'm totally impressed by what can be had out of such an inexpensive unit. My buddy Ron was so impressed he went out and got one himself a year or two ago and ditched his own bigger bass amp.