Local Flavor: Friday's Sunset & Corona Bemoana

I haven't been taking a lot of outdoor photos over the past few months and I'm sorry for that -- the weather has been topsy-turvy and I've just been throwing all my time into getting work done. That doesn't mean I'm actually getting enough work done, but it's getting done. The shot above was snapped on the way home after delivering some Girl Scout cookies to friends.

So -- the schools decided to call it quits up here due to the Corona Scare until April 6th, so that means the kids are on enforced break and will be in my hair (in a loving way) for a while. That's no different than summertime around here for us, but it will mean I'm going to be a bit slowed-down and I may have a few days that I simply close-up to do whatever needs to be done.

That said, I will be open normal hours unless I post a notice about it. This time of year is so slow in general that I don't expect more than 2 or 3 people in the shop at a time anyhow, so we can keep our social distancing by hiding behind the antiques. It's getting into mud season, of course, which usually means tourists simply arrive in ghost form -- the long-haulers looking for a bathroom and nothing else. I don't begrudge that, mind you.

I have a lot I want to do slated for "the horizon" aside from work and springtime house repairs (ick). Lately I've been gathering-up "sounds" in various instruments and equipment to get some recording done. With the kids home that means I'm going to be doing it in the dead of night using isolation cabs and whatnot -- but I know that if I don't get recording/creative playing in I may start to go insane.

There's a very real danger in my line of work of getting into the groove of just repairing instruments and not actually using them. It starts to take away the childlike wonder I try to retain for of all the toys in the shop when you're not connecting with them.

Teaser: the upcoming plans involve a number of shorter instrumental albums in the vein of We Met in Debt, though with a sci-fi narrative that ties them together. I've been having fun trying-out story ideas with the kids and having them kick them down, hah hah.