Local Flavor: It's Quiet

At least with hints of Spring coming-in up here, the world news doesn't seem as bad as it otherwise could be. Lots of folks are staring down the barrel of unemployment or under-employment, however, so certainly our hearts go out to you if you're in that position. I'm hoping that this outbreak will blow-over sooner rather than later, but the science isn't stacking-up behind that hope all that much.

My inlaws and I have decided to restrict store access to "appointment/chance" only, though I will personally be working normal shop hours, so feel free to stop by and call as much as you like. I will be here. If coming from any distance, though, give me a heads-up to make sure I listen-out for your arrival.

Suffice to say, life goes on!

I'm currently working on a brood of Gibson LG-1s and LG-2s but will be cracking into more curious territory after them -- there's a whole mix of oddball "just-in-for-repair" guitars to get running again.

Sunday is always my full day with the kiddos, so we hung-out playing and exploring for much of it. Our "recess" brought us into a windy (but gorgeous) day and we took them down to the riverside to see some of the debris along the road embankment since it hasn't turned to jungle down there yet.

The first photo is of a '50s-era snowplow that becomes easily visible every year around this time.

Here's a shot of that super clear river water turning to jelly when locked in a photo. The river's always so green and clear this time of year that I just want to suck it all up.

The enamel is still fairly strong on this '30s Norge Rollator fridge's insides. I did grab that ugly bakelite knob, though.

My kids convinced me they were Jedi Younglings. Big sis is on some sort of desperate mission!

Here's the remains of the bed for the truck that ran that plow back in the day.


Andy said…
that branch is amazing - like someone carved it
Michael Mulkern said…
How much do you want for the plow? I'm ready to try my hand at metal sculpting.