Local Flavor: Science Class

So, only three days after it was 65F at night and I was planning to turn off our stoves, it's now snowing a few inches outside while I type this and today was one of those bitter, chill sorts. Covid Homeschooling continued (it's a Monday) and so for our midday break we went on a walk as a family and tried to find some specimens to collect for microscope viewing -- more on that, later.

While the kids were focused on climbing downed trees and making thrones out of them, Bonnie and I were focused on all that ice.

I love the paper-thin sheets of ice that remain a few inches above the water as if they're anti-gravity devices.

Oona picked up some streamside ice and said, "hey, look at the underside!" ...and we agreed that crystals are amazing.


Reese said…
Ice was Lucy's Dad's big realm of study.

Do you guys know iNaturalist? It'll up yr field walks game. A botanist's hand lens will bring young minds to a complete halt. Older ones too.