Update: Shop Closed for COVID Outbreak

Until restrictions are lifted, the shop is officially closed except for pick-up/drop-off of instruments for repair or purchase. I'm still working regular hours (Tue-Sat) but I can't really let folks come in to hang-out. Our Governor put a stay-at-home ruling in effect (only essential businesses are allowed open) about a week ago but I hadn't updated all of my contact info to reflect this until recently.

I've been swamped with getting work done and with the kids homeschooling for the rest of this school-year it's been a bit crowded around here, so I've been even more out-to-lunch on getting back to calls and emails than my normal complacent slowness. Work is progressing and lots of great toys both for sale and "going home" are coming-up this next week, including a slew of almost-finished Gibsons that will be fun reads.

So, just to recap -- if you're not yet aware of this -- COVID is for real. I know many people in several of the heavily-affected areas around the country and it's not a joke. Please treat it seriously. It feels a bit surreal to us up here in the middle of nowhere, but it's not that way in reality-town.


Andy said…
Thanks Jake, I’m looking forward to the upcoming read! Take care of yourself and enjoy your extra time with the kids. Maybe you could teach them to do inlay and finish work. 😉 I am also getting extra hang time with my high-schoolers here in Iowa. It’s an unexpected blessing in the midst of this mess.
Unknown said…
From all of us who've gotten pleasure over the years both from the Blog and from your work rescuing and passing along instruments, we appreciate both now more than ever. Stay safe.
tony klassen said…
You and your family stay safe Jake.
Dave said…
I live in northen Italy. We are losing a lot of people here, both from the virus and from the hospitals being full and unable to take care of patients like they used to.
Not to mention that we aren't free to walk out of our houses anymore. Patients -even non-covid patients- die alone at the hospital without a chance to ever see their relatives again.
It's a serious thing.
Claude said…
Things are starting to look grimmer here in the Boston suburbs, but your blog is a comfort. You've inspired me to start learning to repair a few junker instruments that have been lying around. Thanks for making this plague just a bit more endurable. Be safe.