2012 Bluegrass Ukuleles Cigar Box Tenor Ukulele

This is just about the highest-quality cigar box uke I've ever handled. I've made my own in the past out of vintage uke neck salvage and old cigar boxes, but this one is a proper instrument. The neck was made for it (with a good neckblock installed inside) and the top appears to be soundboard cedar tonewood fitted to the original cigar box body -- which also seems to be cedar. It looks great and the fit and finish is quality.

These instruments aren't made anymore, but one Mr. Tom Guy Sr. built them out of Louisville, KY when they were -- and they have a bit of a cult following, for sure.

As you'd expect for a tenor-scale instrument, its voice is bright and chimey and sounds great for both chordal strumming and fingerpicking. It's a forward-sounding instrument, though, so if you're looking to play slower music with fuller, warmer low notes, you might not be getting what you want from this. If you want clean, clear, sparkly, and defined -- that's what this will do. It did come in with a set of low-tuned strings, however, with a bottom string in the baritone-uke range and it did sound good tuned low, however.

Repairs included: a new rosewood saddle (the original ebony one was cut too thin and leaning), restring, and light setup.

Setup notes: it plays perfectly with a straight neck and 1/16" action overall at the 12th fret. The strings are D'Addario fluorocarbons.

Scale length: 17 1/8"
Nut width: 1 7/16"
String spacing at nut: 1 1/16"
String spacing at bridge: 1 7/8"
Body length: 9 3/4"
Body width: 7 3/8"
Side depth at endpin: 2 3/4"
Top wood: solid cedar
Back/sides wood: solid cedar
Neck wood: mahogany/maple
Bracing type: ladder
Fretboard: rosewood
Bridge: rosewood
Neck feel: slim C/D shape, flat board

Condition notes: there's light pickwear on the top near the soundhole and there's a small piece of the ribbed side cut panel that's chipped away near the "endpin" area -- but otherwise it's in "shopworn" condition -- low miles and looks great!


Peggy L Calvert said…
Is this Cigar Box Tenor still available?
If so, what is the asking price please?
Thank you!
Peggy L Calvert
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